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Telemedicine - Virtual Visits

We are now pleased to offer telemedicine virtual visits for our patients.  Virtual visits are an easy and convenient way to meet with your allergist without leaving your home.  In order to schedule an appointment please call the office or request an appointment through the patient portal


How does it work?


1.You will receive an email link for your allergist’s telemedicine waiting room.

2. Click on the link using a computer or device with a camera/microphone.  You will need one of the following browsers: chrome, firefox, or safari.

3. Type your name and check in—no registration needed!

4. Allow your browser to use your webcam and microphone

5. Your provider will start your visit.


Is it private?


Just like a regular doctor’s appointment, your telemedicine visit will be private and confidential. What you say during your visit can only be seen and heard by your and your provider.


Is there a cost for a telemedicine appointment?


Many insurers currently cover telemedicine services. You will be billed for your telemedicine appointment the same as if you were seeing your health care provider in person.

Please call (734) 434 - 3007 to schedule!

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