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Welcome to Allergy & Immunology Associates of Michigan

Please review the information below carefully:


We are welcoming in office new patient visits.


• Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete forms and allow our staff to register you as a patient.   Please wear a mask to the appointment.


• Plan on spending from one to three hours for your initial visit.  Due to coronavirus, please limit visitors to one parent per child for initial visits.


• We ask new patients to stop antihistamines and antacids for a period of time (Click here to view) prior to the initial office visit if skin testing is likely to occur.


• All other types of medications prescribed, such as those for blood pressure, birth control, diabetes, or asthma should be continued. Inhalers, steroids, nasal sprays, eye drops and creams should be continued as directed by your physician.


• The fees for a comprehensive evaluation will be between $500 and $900, depending on the nature of the problem and diagnostic procedures/tests performed. We participate with many insurance carriers. If we do not participate with your insurance carrier, payment will be due at time of service. Please feel free to discuss any questions about fees or insurance with our billing department.


• If your HMO requires a written referral for specialty care, it is your responsibility to obtain this from your primary care physician prior to your initial visit to our office.


• Please contact your insurance company to find out what and if our specialty services are covered.

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