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Our physicians and staff are prepared to continue to serve your allergy needs during the recent COVID-19 outbreak in our area. Please see the following FAQs to clarify concerns.


Our office will follow the general guidelines of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC, and the AAAAI. Please follow the links for questions regarding the health impacts of COVID-19.







Here are some things to Remember:


  • Handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds is the best means to protect yourself from COVID.

  • Influenza vaccines and Pneumococcal vaccines for 65 and older are recommended.

  • All current patients will have access to care in our clinics, but we are attempting to limit exposure to all viral illnesses. If you have had an active fever >100 in the past 48 hours, please contact our office before your visit.


Our offices are not designated COVID-19 treatment or screening centers. Please call first (instead of report to - so they are prepared) your PCP or local urgent care if you feel screening is necessary.




1. If you or a family member has been actively ill prior to your visit, you can cancel without penalty. We are waiving our cancellation fee for the duration of this acute outbreak.

2. Patients with active fever >100 will be referred to the local PCP or urgent care. Our physicians and phone triage nursing staff may be able to assist with treatment plans.

3. If deemed necessary by the Health Department, we may be forced to consolidate offices during this outbreak. We will strive to keep all offices open during this time, but patients may need to be seen in a different designated office. We appreciate your flexibility during this time.

4. Phone calls to the office and nurse triage line may be delayed during the next few months. Please utilize the Medfusion secured patient portal for more efficient response.

5. Please make sure all patient contact information is up to date to allow for smooth communication.

6. Office hours are currently unchanged. Please check the website for any updates/changes.

7. After hours access and on call access will be limited to emergent issues. Medication refills cannot be fulfilled after hours. Please utilize the Medfusion Portal.




1. It is of the utmost importance that asthmatic patients continue on controller medication during the next few months. If you need refills, please utilize our Medfusion Patient Portal for the quickest means to getting refills.

2. Our staff has been authorized to refill 3 months of prescriptions to improve efficiency for active patients seen within the last year. Phone calls to the office and nurse triage line may be delayed during the next few months. Please utilize the Medfusion portal for more efficient response.

4. For emergent needs, prednisone (oral steroids), antibiotics, and albuterol rescue medication may be prescribed for emergent use to avoid unnecessary visits to urgent care preemptively.

5. Tamiflu does not help with COVID-19.




1. Continuation of immunotherapy (allergy shots) is important. Our current plan is remain open as scheduled, but our situation could change as COVID-19 moves into Michigan.

2. Please check the shot calendar (which is available on our website) and Visionary Allergy Tracker App for any changes.

3. If you are sick, have a fever or COVID-19, immunotherapy injection should be delayed. You may return to the office once symptom free for a period of 14 days.

4. Allergy and biologic injections should not be given if actively sick.

5. If you receive immunoglobulin for immunodeficiency, it is important to continue treatment. Social distancing and infection avoidance is essential. Signs of infection must be evaluated quickly.

6. The main offices (NOVI/BINGHAM FARMS/ANN ARBOR EAST/ANN ARBOR WEST) offer allergy injections by appointment on specified days. You may receive your injection in a private room setting to avoid the waiting room, but space is limited. Please call to schedule if you prefer this option.