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Allergy and Immunology Associates of Michigan is the largest pediatric and adult asthma practice in Southeast Michigan. We offer advanced treatment and complete diagnosis for individuals suffering from asthma and childhood lung diseases.

We offer the most advanced asthma care and treatment in the Southeast Michigan.

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- Diagnosis and treatment

- Inhaled medications

- Oral and intravenous medication

- Rescue medications

- Asthma management methods

- Follow-up plans

Asthma care includes:

- Members of the American Board of Allergy

  and Immunology

- Adult and pediatric asthma treatment

- 24-hour emergency service

- Most insurances are accepted

- 5 regional locations

Reliable asthma specialists

We have over 35 years of practice experience and with 5 local offices you have convenient access to the best asthma care in the region.

Experienced and skilled allergists

Advanced asthma treatment